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The Finest High Quality Pastries

Sunbulah recognizes our consumers’ need for innovative ideas that make cooking less of a chore and more of a pastime.


Delicious pizza

Sunbulah provides a wide selection of Pizza doughs and ready-to-serve pizzas in various delicious flavours


Meat and burgers

Catering to every palate, Sunbulah provides you with new and innovative products that help you cook your culinary innovation with convenience


Ready Meals

Quality is important to us. All Sunbulah ingredients are selected from the finest sources around the world


Vegetables and fruits

Sunbulah provides you with the best types of vegetables and fruit that are selected from high quality crops all over the world.



Convenience is key when cooking with Sunbulah products, always giving you a comfortable experience in the kitchen


Cakes and pastries

Start your day or enjoy tea time with a selection of delectable Sunbulah cakes made free of any genetically modified ingredients

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High Quality Pastries

Story with frozen foods

Our love for fresh and healthy foods started back in 1982. Through the years, we have applied the highest standards of quality assurance for all our products. Learn more about Sunbulah’s journey here.